R&D studies of UGMA filter started in 2008 and the company was officially established in Istanbul in 2013. Particle and microbial retention performance has been certified by field testing and demo processes and accordingly the patents of Gel filtration technology which is a first in Turkey and the world has been obtained.


With UGMA Filtration Technologies, to keep the unique performance and service quality at the highest level that will meet the needs and expectations of our business partners and customers. It is our occupation to support every newly developed product, which is produced to be reliable, with facts, not empty words, and to improve it day by day by constantly conducting accurate analysis processes. To be an indispensable company and brand in domestic and foreign markets.


To be the most sought after and preferred company in the sector with our products that filter all harmful organisms by 99.9% for the first time in human history with UGMA Filtration Technologies.

Our Quality Policy

To maintain an incomparable performance and service quality that will meet the needs and expectations of our customers and business partners at the highest level. To carry out accurate and reliable analysis processes continuously and to move ourselves forward by developing our business day by day. To offer our products that provide absolute filtration and that we produce in world standards to the service of humanity.

Our quality principle

To improve the working performance of high-tech UGMA Filter and make it indispensable in the industry.