Our company was established in 2012. He started product development and R&D studies in 2013 and improved the production method and test processes in 2014. In 2015, TSEK 326 criteria were prepared and accepted. Laboratory verifications and pilot applications started in 2016. With the finalization of UGMA Filtration Technology in 2017, patent applications were made worldwide in 2018. Then, again in 2018, the TS 13848 standard was created and accepted, and the retention performance of particle & microbial loads was registered. In 2019, a test method was developed according to the TS 14683+AC standard, and its effectiveness was registered by passing bacterial aerosols through the filter cassettes for the first time. Its patent was approved worldwide in 2020. In 2021, ISO 9001, ISO 13485, TUV Austria, CE certifications were made, the virus test was performed on the filter surface for the first time in the world, and its effectiveness was registered, and the multi-use non-ventilated mask we developed was launched. Then, in 2021, joint project studies with TÜBİTAK and KOSGEB started. In 2022, six new Air Purifiers were launched.

Today, our product takes the leading role in the beginning of a new Age; has emerged as a filtration technology that has no equivalent in the world filter industry. Filkim Filter and Chemical Industry. Trade Inc. its brand UGMA; It has a wide range of products, especially atmospheric air filters, air cleaning devices and medical masks. Our products are 100% domestic production.

The products we produce are environmentally friendly as they do not contain any chemicals and provide energy savings by consuming low energy thanks to the high air permeability it provides. Our products, which are your solution partner, are produced with a unique technology, where you can find instant answers to all your filtering needs; It is offered for your use in more than twenty thousand air conditioners, hundreds of air handling units, in your homes, working and common living areas in the market.

The main purpose of UGMA Filtration Technology, which is the brand of Filkim Filter and Chemistry; to respond to user requests by continuously improving the product range it uses with R&D studies and to offer the unique technology developed in this direction to the service of all humanity.


For the first time in the world; To increase the power and awareness of our company in the sector by presenting our products, which filter harmful microorganisms and particles in the air, including viruses and bacteria, by 99.9%, with proven high performance, to our customer portfolio.


Our company; It continuously expands its product range with the filtration technology it has developed by continuing its R&D studies in line with meeting customer requests, expectations and needs. In this direction, to keep the satisfaction of our current or potential business partners at the highest level by carrying out the analysis processes of the newly developed products produced with UGMA Filtration Technology and to be an indispensable company in the domestic and foreign market by continuing our way for many years with the trust we give.