• They have a single layer structure.
  • They consist of cellulose and glass fiber structures.
  • They can hold only the particles of 0.30 microns and above.
  • Since they work according to the sieve structure principle, each particle retained blocks the pores and their usage life is shortened. Therefore, it is necessary to use at least two layers of pre-filter.
  • Differential pressure ratio starts at a minimum of 120 Pascal and the final pressure increases to 500 Pascal. A large amount of energy is consumed.
  • Due to the moisture formed in the cellulose structure, bioburden growth is observed on the filter surface over time.



  • It consists of three-layer structure.
  • Patented anti-microbial gel structure consisting of 100% natural and organic substances is applied to air filter.
  • By forming a biofilm layer on the polyether derivative structure with 20 PPI pore diameter, the applied anti-microbial gel is placed between two layers, one is coarse dust retainer and the other is water repellent.
  • It has a particle retention feature up to 0.10 microns and filters the microorganisms with a rate of 99.9%.
  • Broad spectrum odor and gas retention.
  • The difference-pressure ratio starts at 22 Pascal and the final pressure reaches a maximum of 120 Pascal. Thanks to low differential pressure, high energy saving is achieved.