Food Sector Anti-microbial Gel Filter

Anti-microbial Gel Filter, especially with its proven effectiveness against microorganisms such as Bacteria, Mold, Yeast, Fungus, etc., finds a place in every step of the production, storage, logistics, sales and retail chain in the food sector.

  • Production of milk and dairy products
  • Production of meat and meat products
  • Production of yeast products
  • Food transport vehicles
  • Storage
  • Product storage cabinets


Continuous and high filtration of bacteria, mold, yeast and microorganisms in the environment extends the shelf life of food products and prevents waste.

200% to 300% Longer Shelf Life Without Additives

Food Sector Anti-microbial Gel Filter


Food Sector Anti-microbial Gel Filter

It is suitable for use in packaged food and beverage sector, especially for milk and dairy products. Due to microbial loads such as bacteria, yeast, mold, etc. in the production environment, staling time and shelf life of the products are reduced. Shelf life increase after distribution reaching 100% compared to before has been proven in dairies and food production facilities where UGMA is used.

Change on the shelf life of dairy products in the dairies using UGMA filter, before and after the application

Due to its continuous and highly efficient filtration of microorganisms such as bacteria, yeast, mold, etc. in the environment.: "X 2.5 more shelf life without additives" in food production environments

  • It improves hygienic conditions in food production and sales
  • Saves energy
  • Eliminates odor in the environment, filters the particles
  • Nature friendly, no harmful chemicals

Food Sector Anti-microbial Gel Filter

A new era in food production

Application of UGMA anti-microbial filter in the food sector increases shelf life and hygiene quality by reducing the use of protective chemicals.

The biggest cause of spoilage of the products produced in food factories is air-borne microbial contamination. Microbial purification efficiency of the other filters used is low while their energy consumption is high.

Food Sector Anti-microbial Gel Filter

In production facilities where UGMA technology is applied, the number and location of the devices are determined by making the necessary measurements, examination and project design according to size of the place, contamination intensity, number of personnel, and production processes, then the installation is carried out in a short time. It reduces product return rates by up to 0.5%. It provides a serious increase in the extension of the shelf life.

Comparison of anti-microbial performance of UGMA Gel Air Filters with HEPA Filters

UGMA is designed and installed according to the investigation made by Filkim experts. After this installation, during continuous operation, the number of bacterial colonies in the medium samples decreases to zero as long as the operation is maintained as prescribed in the project.

The standard filters such as HEPA, etc., under the same conditions, there is still a microorganism load as they do not have an anti-microbial priority and this situation reduces post-production freshness performance.