Integrated Facilities

UGMA is suitable to be used in sheep and goat, and cattle farms, poultry farms, slaughterhouses, hatcheries, advanced processing, and packaging areas. It is also suitable for use in egg production and poultry houses.

Change on the shelf life of the products in integrated facilities using UGMA filter, before and after the application

  • It improves hygienic conditions in food production and sales
  • Saves energy
  • Eliminates odor in the environment, filters the particles
  • Nature friendly, no harmful chemicals

A new era in integrated facilities

Integrated Facilities

By using F5 Gel Air Filter Filtro F5 in integrated animal production facilities, thanks to its ability to filter airborne particles and microorganisms, infectious diseases are prevented.

Antibiotic usage decreases. It extends the shelf life without the use of additives, maintaining the freshness of the product produced.

Comparison of Microbial Performance of UGMA Gel Air Filters with HEPA Filters

UGMA is designed and installed according to the examination made by Filkim experts.

After this installation, during continuous operation, the number of bacterial colonies in the medium samples decreases to zero as long as the operation is maintained as prescribed in the project.

The standard filters such as HEPA, etc., under the same conditions, there is still a microorganism load as they do not have an anti-microbial priority and this situation reduces post-production freshness performance.